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Prom is a formal event held at the end of the High-shchool year. It is sometimes called junior prom or senior prom. Buying a dress is one of most important steps of "prom" night preparation. At T & A Formal Wear you will find a large selection of prom dresses from top designer labels.

Okay, ready, set, go! You've been asked to the prom and now it's time to go prom dress shopping. If you haven't already begun to look into buying prom dresses than you had better get looking! Prom dress shopping has gone virtual now.

Prom dress shopping doesn't stop after you have found the dress. Oh no! The next thing on your list is shoes, then purses, wraps, jewelry, make up and hairstyles. Prom dress shopping includes the trip to the salon or day spa and a good tanning session or two. People usually begin their prom dress shopping before they have even been asked out. That way they already have the jump or if they don't get asked until the last minute they are already fully prepared.

Be sure to buy a prom dress with plenty of time left over to perform any alterations that might be needed and to have the dress pressed and ready to go. Many of the hottest styles will sell out by mid March.


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Slim Fit Manhattan

Ref. # 930
prom dress orlando
Classic Peak Tuxedo

Ref. # 880
prom dress orlando
TonyBowls Manhattan Compatible With Vera Wang

Ref. # 930
prom dress orlando
Pleated Fromal Trousers
Ref. #
prom dress orlando
Jean Yves Savoy

Ref. # 332


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